Computer hardware is the physical or tangible components of a computer. These components are divided into two; external, and internal hardware. Here, we will discuss the internal components of computer hardware.


The motherboard, also known as the mainboard or chassis is a panel on which PC components are mounted. It houses the processor, which is the brain of the computer. The firmware, RAM (stores programs currently running and are cleared once the computer is powered off), and, internal and external buses components are housed by the motherboard too.

Internal Storage

The internal storage of a computer is responsible for storing data when the computer is on or off. The most popular internal storage is the hard disc. There is a release of an improved internal storage device, the solid-state drive. The solid-state drive is replacing the hard disc drive since its solid-state memory can store large amounts of data and are also smaller and lighter. Also, the disc array controller is housed here which manages the hard drive.

Media Devices

The media devices are removable. The most common removable media devices are the DVD and CD drives. Recently, there was a release of the Blu-Ray, which is capable of storing large amounts of media data in a digital optical disc storage media format. Floppy disc has become a very unpopular media device.

Power Supply

The power supply is the hardware component that is responsible for supplying power to all computer components. This power supply holds the cooling fan, transformer, and voltage control components. The voltage controller can convert high-voltage AC power to low-voltage DC power.

These hardware components of a computer cannot be upgraded like software, but can only be replaced. So in case, you plan to buy a computer, buy one with the most recent devices for more exceptional computer performance.