A tablet is a touchscreen PC, smaller than a laptop but bigger than a smartphone. Most people don’t see the need for owning a tablet when they already have a smartphone or laptop. Below are reasons why tablets and iPads are still a great deal for the money.


Tablets are light, thin, and hence easily portable compared to a laptop. They are more comfortable to move around with as they fit in small backpacks and handbags for ladies. A tablet is ideal for travellers, students, and commuters since it offers more than a Smartphone, and it is smaller than a laptop.

Best for E-Reading

A Tablet has a bigger screen than a smartphone, and so it is convenient to read using a tablet. You can access various books on tablet apps, which is more comfortable than carrying several books with you. With a tablet, you access news online anytime and everywhere.

Good for Work and Meetings

Tablets are a great deal for workers who have to travel and still need to work at the same time. During work meetings, tablets are comfortable for taking notes and for use when making presentations. This is when paired with the right portable USB keyboard and flexible stand.

Great for Gaming

Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s ahead of any other consoles; talk of PlayStation, Xbox One and even PC. But the small Smartphone displays aren’t the best. With tablets and iPads, you can play your favourite titles better on the expansive display.

Indeed, tablets have advantages over Smartphones and laptops, especially in terms of portability. In the market, you will find Android tablets and iPads. For budget buyers, you will snap a better deal with tablets, but if you are part of the Apple mania, there are several iOS tablets (iPads) to choose from.