Are you looking for a laptop but you’re not sure what to look for? Discussed below are factors to consider when buying a laptop.


Choose screen size according to the use of your laptop. If most of the time you will be playing a game or watching choose a bigger screen like 17 inches. If it is for office use or browsing, consider a small screen laptop like 13.3 inches. Also, check the quality of the screen, a full HD screen with high resolution offers a clear display.


Also known as the CPU, it is the main component of a computer. It executes all commands keyed in the computer. You need a laptop with a powerful processor for it to be fast and be able to multitask without hanging. The best processor so far is the Intel Core processor which can either be Core-i3, Core-i5, Core-i7, and the latest, Core-i9. AMD processors are also becoming popular.


Establish your use for computer and choose a laptop with RAM from 4GB-32GB. The more RAM your PC has, the more programs you will be able to process at the same time. While the standard 4GB RAM will power through basic computer uses, you need at least 8GB for gaming and other demanding tasks.


Hard drives are not popular nowadays. The solid-state drive (SSD) is mostly used in laptops, and it goes up to 512 GB. It is a light-weight, and it runs silently compared to the hard drive. But then it costs a lot more than hard drives.


Lastly, always consider the household names as they guarantee value for money. You can never go wrong with brands like Dell, HP, Apple, Lenovo, and Asus.

Well, it’s that simple. Once you consider the above, you are on the right track as far as performance and reliability are concerned. But of course, you may want extra features like 360° adjustability, powerful battery, and sleek design.