A laptop is a portable personal computer. Due to its portability, it is more convenient to use, whether at home, school, or work. A laptop has its hardware inbuilt. The advantages of laptop computers include the following.


Laptops are lightweight and small in size, making it highly portable. You can carry and use your computer anywhere. This portability makes it more convenient, especially for users who love only to use their machine almost every time. You only need a laptop backpack, and you are good to go.

Built-In Hardware

Unlike desktops, which has several pieces of hardware as standalone devices, laptops have all hardware built-in like keyboard, CPU, mouse/touchpad and microphone built in a single body. Therefore laptops occupy very little space and hence suitable for small offices.

Internet Access

Laptops can access the internet through wireless WI-FI. This wireless WI-FI access makes it possible to use the internet when at home, library, restaurant, office, or any other place that has WI-FI coverage. With a laptop, your internet access will not be limited to your LAN like in desktops, which require Wi-Fi cards to use Wi-Fi.

Low Power Usage

Laptop computers consume very little power. Its components are small, and so they require little energy for them to run. Also, once the laptop battery is charged fully, you can unplug your laptop from the power supply, and this saves on energy too.


Since laptops are portable, they can be used in most places and at the user’s convenience. You get to do more work on your laptop and also gives you a chance to use it instantly when need arise. Whether you are on transit, restaurant or at the beach, you will use your laptop.

Laptops have their disadvantages like high price and less durability due to its portability, which exposes it to wear and tear. The advantages of a laptop are so many, and it is worth owning one.